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Planning Ahead

There are many ups and downs in life, don’t let your finances be one of them. You have worked too hard for your money and a thoughtful tax plan can both help preserve and maximize your wealth. Let us help reduce your worry by working on business and personal strategies for today, and the road ahead. 

It’s never too early to start planning for every stage in life. A well-considered estate plan makes it easier for your family and loved ones to cope during a difficult time. When creating an estate plan we are focused on aligning with your goals. Each decision comes with its own benefits and challenges. 

  • Personal tax estimates and advice
  • Investment withdrawal decisions
  • RRSP vs. TFSA
  • Capital gains exemption qualification
  • Corporate tax estimates and advice
  • Business sale strategies
  • Corporate re-organizations
  • Shareholder remuneration planning
  • Lease vs. buy
  • Investment income and withdrawals
  • Corporate estate freezes
  • Tax efficiency
  • Business estimation of value
  • Organization transition processes
  • Management buyouts
  • CPP and OAS
  • Tax optimization
  • Guidance for Executors