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NPO's & Charities

If you have an organization that is driven by dedication instead of profit, then our professionals can help.  We provide the highest level of audit, tax, and advisory services when it pertains to non-profit and charity organizations. Our wide range of knowledge for these diverse associations is key to staying on top of the developments that affect this unique sector. We are here to provide our expertise with financial reporting, compliance, and consulting services while providing education and support along the way. We will effectively communicate with all involved parties of your organization including board of directors, CEO, and staff members. Attending your annual meeting to present your financial information is another way that we stay connected.

  • Audit, review or compilation financial statements
  • Audit and review for specific reporting requirements 
  • Financial statement advisory and preparation services
  • Board governance and policy advice
  • AGM attendance
  • Presentation of financial information 
  • T2 Corporate tax returns
  • T1044 Information return
  • T3010 Charity returns
  • CRA audit assistance
  • GST rebate applications