New clients please contact the office prior to completing the portal registration. Main line 306-825-9293. Direct lines and individual email addresses are available on Who We Are page.

If you would like to be set up with a personal client portal, please fill out the set up form below by completing either Option A or Option B and submit. Once set up, we will contact you by email with your user name(s), password(s) and instructions for logging in and uploading files. Some automatic replies may go to a Spam or Junk folder in your email. Establishing us as a “safe sender” can help avoid missing any emails.

Choosing Option A provides one family member with all of the information and it will be at your discretion who you provide with the User ID & Password. Choosing Option B gives each family member their own User ID & Password and access only to their own information.

Your email address will also serve as your username for log in purposes.

Please contact our office at adminprocessing@leckiecpa.com or at 306-825-9293 if you require any additional information or assistance in completing your set up form.

Fill out either A) or B)


This portal will contain all of the personal tax information pertaining to the family members listed below. The person listed as the main contact will be provided with the User ID & Password and will have access to all of the tax information in the portal. It will be at your discretion who you provide the User ID & Password to.


This portal will provide each family member access to their own personal tax information. Each email address will have its own User ID & Password which will be provided to each individual upon set up. Please give First and Last names of all family members to be set up.