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Farming and Agriculture

We work hard to provide valuable advice and compliance accounting for our agriculture clients so they can spend less time worrying about numbers and more time focusing on their equipment, crops, and livestock. The tax laws that apply to farming are complicated, and are getting more complicated as time goes on. Restructuring farming operations to reduce corporate and personal income taxes; strategies to minimize taxes on farm sale; and implementing tax-effective succession to preserve wealth on the transition to future generations. Most of us were born and raised on farms in this region and understand the challenges from a real life and accounting and tax perspectives.

  • Financial statement preparation
  • Cash and accrual accounting
  • Bookkeeping and record management
  • Training and assistance
  • AgExpert knowledge
  • Inventory worksheets
  • Capital asset management
  • AgriStability
  • AgriInvest
  • Government assistance programs
  • GST filing
  • Income tax returns
  • CRA audits

  • Transition / retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • Remuneration planning
  • Cashflow and budgets
  • Tax estimates and minimization